Used Equipment

Here at Better Body Fitness we have over 16,000 sq ft of new and lightly used equipment! Come on in and check out the deals for yourself or call 509-252-9986 for more information.

Vibration Power Plate

The Power Plate Personal is the trimmest, most economical way to bring Acceleration Training exercise into any sized home or apartment, enable you to make room for three 15-minute full-body workouts a week.

TuffStuff Rack

Bench for chest press, and it comes with a preacher curl attachment 

Weider Pro 4950 Weight System
  • Precision System™ Components-These Precision System™ Components, including precision pulley bearings and bushings, last longer, while allowing for smoother exercise movements.
  • Fold-Away Military Press-Build and tone your shoulders and back muscles with this versatile military press station that quickly folds out of your way.
  • Adjustable Sewn Seats-Get a more comfortable workout with these sewn, adjustable seats that allow you to quickly customize the seat and backrest to better fit your body.
  • Expandable Chest Fly-Increase your workout range with this expandable chest-fly station, allowing you to expand the way you define your major and minor pectoral muscles.
  • Chest Press-Build and define your chest and arms with this convenient bench press station.
  • Adjustable Preacher Pad- A pop pin allows you to quickly change the height of your preacher pad, allowing for a more comfortable workout, while helping you use proper form.
  • High Pulley/w Lat Bar--Fine-tune your lats and back with this station that comes with a lat bar a wider variety of hand positions.
  • Low Pulley with Flip-Up Row Plate-You can work more than just your legs with this low pulley that also has a flip-up row plate for more upper-body definition.
  • 4-Roll Leg Developer-Build and develop quads, hamstrings, glutes and hip-flexors.
  • Leg Press-The leg press isolates your leg muscles so you can target your hamstrings and gluts.
CorEvolution Reverse HyperExtension

It’s Louie Simmon’s reverse hyper, just marketed to the general public.

Nautilus NS-200


  • Weight stacks can be fitted on either the left or right side of the machine allowing for customization
  • 11-position press arm range of motion allows you to perform a variety of exercises
  • Multiple grip positions on the press arm allow for ergonomic precision
  • Easy one-step adjustment pins allow for fully adjustable seat bottom and back to accommodate people of all sizes
  • Dimensions: 83" H x 62" L x 46" W
Body Smith System (With Plates)


  • Powerline Smith Machine
  • Powerline Pec Station
  • Lat/Row Station
  • Heavy Duty Adjustable Safeties
  • 14 Lockout Points spaced 41/2" apart for user safety
  • Heavy duty steel construction with heavy gauge reinforcement plates and hardware
  • Assembled Dimensions: 85"H x 45"L x 76"W
Forza Squat
Forza Smith Machine


  • Heavy duty 11-gauge tubing for durability
  • The bar and counter weights use precision linear bearings to glide friction free
  • 10 separate weight storage horns
  • Rotating bar easily fits into slots
  • Smith bar sleeves designed for use with Olympic plates with 2" center hole
  • Weights sold separately
Star Trac Functional Trainer Cable Crossover
  • Unlimited high-low cable positioning  combinations
  • Lock N Load weight selection system

  • Integrated pull up bar with multi-grip hand  positioning

  • 4 to 1 lifting ratio for smooth low inertia  operation

  • Extended cable travel for a variety of  exercises

  • 5 lb user increments

Inspire Fitness M1 Home Gym


  • Six pull points offer 50% resistance for functional training capabilities
  • Telescoping seat allows for seated and lying chest exercises
  • Space forward design makes the M1 perfect for any corner in your home
  • Dimensions: 34" W x 74" L x 84" H 
Inspire M2 Multi Gym


  • Total Body Machine- Legs, arms, chest & back all in one powerful machine
  • Ergonomic Design- Intended to mimic your natural path of motion for safety & comfort.
  • Compact Engineering- It's a whole gym, in one, that fits in any corner of your home.
  • Frame- Heavy-duty steel
  • Finish- Electrostatic powder coat
  • Press Arm Pivot Points- Oil Impregnated brass bushings

Total Gym GTS


  • 22 calibrated resistance levels
  • Resistance—1% to 62% of body weight
  • 3-Grip Pull-up Bar, Press Bar, Retractable Dip Bars, SCRUNCH, Squat Handle Bar and Weight Bar attachments.
  • Hydraulic rail lift that assists level changes and easy two-step folding
  • Multiple center-pulley attachment points double arm-cable load and increase lower extremity range of motion
  • More than 200 exercises and variations from resistance training to Pilates
Tuffstuff 7 Pak
Six-Pak Functional Trainer (SPT-7)


  • Compact, space efficient 
  • Durable high density pads
  • 200 lbs. steel weight stack
  • Rated for Light Commercial Use
  • Dimensions: 70 x 32 x 80 in
  • Weight: 470 lbs
Matrix Corner Unit 2:1


  • Fully enclosed, angled weight stacks create a space-efficient personal training area
  • Pulleys adjust into 17 positions to allow users to perform high-speed, low-inertia exercises
  • Dual-grip chin bar for greater exercise variety
  • Ample storage for additional optional handles
Sports Art Circuit
Sports Art Gym Circuit

10 Piece Circuit Includes

  • Leg Curl
  • Leg Extension 
  • Back Extension
  • Triceps Extension
  • Biceps Curl
  • Independent Chest Press
  • Row
  • Pec Fly/Rear Deltoid
  • Shoulder Press
  • Lat Pull Down

All ten machines will have a 150-200 lbs weight stack (Weight stack weight may vary depending on the machine) 

**Must Buy All Ten for Sale Price**