Used Equipment

Here at Better Body Fitness we have over 16,000 sq ft of new and lightly used equipment! Come on in and check out the deals for yourself or call 509-295-1992 for more information.

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Octane Pro4500

Meets the demands of all users with it's adjustable stride that enables users to move from 18"-23" with the touch of a button.
Low impact allows you to get the benefits of cardio without wear & tear on your joints.

Diamondback Treadmill 2
DiamondBack 1200T Treadmill

Drive motor: 2.0 HP continuous duty
Console feedback: time, distance, pace, speed, elevation
Speed: 0.5-10.0 mph maximum in 0.1 increments
Frame: heavy duty eleven (11) gauge welded steel construction
Programming options: two manual programs. (quick start and programmed)

Bowflex Treadclimber
Bowflex TC20 TreadClimber

The TreadClimber© machine is a unique breakthrough in the fitness industry. It combines the actions of the three most effective cardio machines into one:
1.TREADMILL: Splitting the treadle into two separate belts, the TreadClimber© machine delivers the walking, jogging and running action of a treadmill and goes a step further. In addition to your legs and glutes, it engages the core muscles that help maintain your balance.
2.STAIR CLIMBER: The pumping action of the separate treadles replicates the highly effective aerobic exertion of stepping.
3.ELLIPTICAL: As the TreadClimber© machine's treadles rise to meet your stride, the impact on your joints is reduced, so you enjoy the same smooth, ergonomic motion of the best elliptical machines.

Sole Elliptical
Sole E95 Elliptical

Use this Sole Elliptical for low impact cardio workouts. It allows you to lessen stress on your joints while still getting the cardio benefits with a smooth, consistent strides and easily adjustable resistance levels to strengthen your legs and upper body.

Maximum User Capacity: 400 lbs.
Drive System: Front
Display: 10.1'' TFT LCD
Heart Rate: Pulse grips and chest strap compatible
Resistance Levels: ECB
Maximum Stride Length: 20''
Adjustable Stride: Power adjustable
Flywheel Type/Size: 27 lb. flywheel
Adjustable Pedal: Yes
Cooling Fans: Yes
Accessories: Water bottle holder, iPod/MP3 input, and earphone sound system connection

Trimline 7000
Trimline 7000 Treadmill

Designed with legendary Trimline quality and user-friendliness throughout, the 7000 treadmills have a long and wide frame for added running stability, quiet motors, low impact running surfaces, built-in reading racks and water bottle holders, and a variety of preset programs. Features20" x 54" running surface, Second generation Softrak II deck cushioning with a softer, more absorbent feel Sleek, new look with redesigned motor cover, side rails and end caps
Horsepower: 2.0
Motor Rating: Continuous Duty
Shock Absorption: Yes
Max User Weight: 275 lbs.
Reversible Deck: No
Folding: No
Programs: 8
Maximum Speed: 10
Maximum Incline: 15%
Heart Rate Control: No
Heart Rate Monitor: Wireless Polar Chest Strap (not included)
Belt Rollers: 2.5 "
Display: LCD, Speed, Time, Distance, Elevation, Calories
Dimensions Product: 72" x 27" (assembled)
Weight: 195 lbs.
Deck Size: 20" x 54" 

Hammer Strength Leg Press

Build and strengthen your glutes, quads and hamstrings with this commercial grade machine. This Plate-Loaded Linear Leg Press is designed to be easy-to-use. The large foot platform allows for varied training.

Precor Treadmill 2
Precor 9.23 Treadmill

Track cushioning: Precor has an edge over Mother Nature when it comes to protecting you from harsh impact. The company's patented Ground Effects Impact Control technology is a variable cushioning system: It's firmest where your feet push off the track and more cushioned where they land. This helps minimize fatigue and prevent injury. Further stride support is provided by the treadmill's automatic micro-adjustments to your speed.

Track length: The 57" track length is just right for most walkers and runners. The tallest trainees, however, might need a longer track when they run.

Track incline: The 9.23 treadmill track can be tilted up to 15%. Compared with exercising at a 0% slope, you'll speed up your metabolism and recruit more muscle tissue.

Motor: Precor home treadmills have commercial-grade motors that support frequent use, heavier trainees and high speeds. All Precors manufactured for 2013 have 3.0 HP motors.

Safety feature: A magnetic safety clip can be used to immediately shut off power or prevent unintended activation by children and pets.

Low maintenance: Precor treadmill tracks have dry silicone lubrication and are advertised as "maintenance free." Also, with Precor's welded frames you won't need to worry about frequently tightening bolts, which is a problem with cheaper treadmills.

Bowflex Treadmill 3
Bowflex 7 Series Treadmill

This Bowflex treadmill offers a powerful motor, extra long belt, large variety of workout programs, easy fold-up, quick controls and a durable frame.
✓Industry standard 3.0 CHP motor
✓Large 20″ x 60″ running surface
✓The Strike Zone Cushioning system
✓Vibrant backlit skylight LCD display
✓Built-in three-speed workout fan

Schwinn Row
Schwinn Airdyne Windrigger Rower

Great fitness tool for novice to advanced rowers. The faster your row, the more resistance you get due to air resistance. This Schwinn rower would be the perfect addition to any home.
Computer displays time, speed, distance, stroke rate, watts, and calories burned.

Ab Coaster
Ab Coaster

The ab coaster is a safe and effective way to work your abs


• All Steel Construction
• 1.5" Steel Rails
• Nylon Rollers
• Steel Bearings
• Vinyl Covered Molded Foam Arm Pads
• Free-Style Motion Seat
• 300 lb. Weight Capacity
• 20 lb. Weight Plate Capacity
• Easy-Move Casters
• Powder-Coat Finish
• Digital Workout Counter

Tectrix Climbmax

Max speed up to 200' per minute. Program times from 5 to 60 minutes. Daisy chain up to 10 units on a single 10 amp circuit. Sixteen inch step height. Workout programs : 6 preset program profiles and 5 advanced options: Custom, Calorie goal, Group Racing, Solo Racing, Fitness Test & Manual. Display Features : Elapsed Time, Calories Burned, Distance Climbed, Time Remaining, Calories Remaining, Calories/Hour, Floors Climbed, Level, Climbing Speed. Specifications Dimensions: 43" x 31" x 59"

Cybex Overhead Press

The Cybex Overhead Shoulder Press machine has a selectorized weight stack that runs through a series of pulleys via a belt. It has an adjustable seat to accommodate a wide range of user heights. The handles of the overhead press arm are curved. This Cybex Overhead Shoulder Press is a machine that is compact and commercially built for a health club, sports training facility, or busy home gym setting.

Cybex Rotary Hip

Adjustable 5 position foot platform for various heights. Starting position adjustments in 15 degree increments through full 360 degree rotation. Non-skid surface footplate. Thigh pad adjust for femur length.

Cybex Chest Press

With its extraordinarily small foot print, elegant and inviting design that is exceptionally easy to use. Sit & Go easy adjustments make strength training as simple as it can be. Fits the space and budget of a wide range of facilities.

Cybex Rotary Calf

SUPPORTS NATURAL MOVEMENT - The descending path of motion allows foot to move in a natural manner.
SEATED EXERCISE POSITION - The seated exercise position directs force through hip rather than shoulder and minimizes spinal compression.
CURVED FOOTPLATE - Trains the mid-foot to accept load for a greater training effect.

Cybex Ab Crunch

A Cybex Abdominal Machine is, and can best be described as follows: An Abdominal Machine is a plate-loaded or selectorized machine designed to strengthen the abdominal muscles of the torso during Strength Training. When using an abdominal machine the user is seated with a pad held to the chest and the feet braced, and lifts the loaded or selected weight by flexing the abdominals and pushing the pad toward the knees in a crunching or curling motion.

Life Fitness R7
LifeCycle R7i Recumbent Bike

  Unique alternator system enables your Lifecycle bike to operate on its own. So you can put it anywhere in your home, with no cords or outlets to consider. All you have to do is pedal and you'll see the same bright digital console display found on our electrically powered equipment.
•Advanced, Yet Easy To Use Programs.
•Simple Seat Adjustments
•20 Intensity Levels
•Heavy-Gauge Steel and Precision Robotic Welding 
   Commercial model

Freemotion Cable Cross
FreeMotion Cable Cross

The FreeMotion Light Commercial Dual Cable Cross gives core stability training that leads to improved balance, coordination and stability. By efficiently working your body's stabilizer muscles though a limitless number of exercises,this trainer offers strength-building results to users of all sizes.

It allows you to have complete freedom of movement in any direction or plane while performing weight resistance exercises. There's unrestricted exercises are designed to move the way your body naturally moves. Change the angle, resistance, and attachment for a wide variety of exercises to hit either the upper or lower body.

True 500R Recumbent

This is a commercial grade bike that sold new for over $2000. This is the perfect bike for someone that needs a heavy duty bike but at a low price. True is a trusted brand in the fitness industry. Manual programs and pre-program options. Recumbent bikes give you an option to recline in a comfortable seat, taking the pressure off of your knees.

Startrac Spinner
Star Trac Velo XT Spinner

High-quality indoor Spinning cycling bike designed for home use 43-pound flywheel
Micro-adjustable seat and handlebar post
Push-brake safety system brings flywheel to quick stop with little effort
Measures 20 x 40.5 x 49.2 inches (W x H x D)

Precor EFX 5.21i Elliptical

The Precor EFX 5.21i elliptical is part of a series that begins with the entry-level EFX 5.17i and is capped by commercial elliptical trainers such as the 5.76i. Each machine in the EFX series, being a Precor, can be expected to provide unsurpassed value in its price class. The EFX 5.21i has a fluid 18" stride, a steep adjustable incline and industry-leading craftsmanship. It does not have movable workout arms.

Octane Xr3Ce
Octane XR3ci Seated Elliptical

With its straightforward design and compact footprint, the Octane xR3ci seated elliptical trainer meets the needs of almost every workout enthusiast. The primary difference between the xR3ci and traditional ellipticals is the comfortable ergonomic seat, which is similar to the recumbent seat found on many exercise bikes. The seat lets you enjoy a comfortable, challenging elliptical-style workout without putting undue stress on your legs or back. However, the seat adjusts differently than recumbent bike seats, with options for changing both the height (15 options) and tilt (5 options) in addition to the horizontal positioning. This helps you find the perfect seated posture for any workout, whether your goal is a tougher challenge or a more comfortable ride.

Lifespan R3 Recumbent Bike

LifeSpan's R3 recumbent bike, featuring a step-thru design for easy access, is widely recognized for its comfort, quietness, sturdiness and ease-of-use for any size user. Its quality construction and product weight will not only support you, but will also provide added security in your home because it is well-balanced and very difficult to tip over. On the LifeSpan R3 you'll enjoy a quiet ride with smooth transitions between resistance levels.

Life Fitness 93Ri
Life Fitness 93ri Recumbent Bike

Life Fitness Recumbent Bike Product Details:

•Front Wheels For Easy Mobility
•Dimensions: L 54" x W 26" x H 51"
•Unit Weight : 134 lbs
•Deluxe back support and seat
•11 Wide Ride™ pedal adjustments
•Side and front handlebars
•Dual-level alphanumeric LED console
•Heart Rate Monitoring: Lifepulse™ hand sensors and Polar® telemetry
•29 workouts, including 5 Zone Training+™ workouts and Air Force PRT and Fit Test protocols
•User can select from up to 9 different languages
•Integrated reading rack and accessory tray
•Self-powered; optional plug-in accessory

Hoist V5 Multigym

- top-quality construction
- smooth, quiet, stable
- uncomplicated to use and maintain
- two dozen possible exercises
- accommodates wide range of body sizes
- resistance light enough for women, heavy enough for men

Exercise Chart:

Cybex Row/Rear Delt Strength Machine

Strengthen and build your back muscles as well as your rear deltoids with this machine.
Adjustable pads to accommodate different bodies
2 grip options to target different muscles

Spirit Xt685
Spirit XT685 Treadmill

The Spirit XT685 is a great choice for the home or light commercial environment. The console is equipped with a unique muscle activation profile system. The Spirit XT685 has a oversized 22" X 60" running belt surface, commercial flatbed deck with superior cushioning and duraweave running belt. A quiet drive motor enabling a maximum speed of 12mph. Whisper quiet elevation motor with incline options of 0-15% for superb workouts. Integrated cooling fan & 2 speakers for MP3/Ipod jack (connector included) Handle based speed/elevation controls with disable switch. Direct select program/speed & incline buttons for easy console changes. The stylish console boasts an oversized blue backlit LCD information panel with detailed feedback for the user seeking more workout information. Integrated cooling fan for added comfort, 2 console speakers for music connection, direct select program/speed & incline keys for easy console changes. HR % graph tri-colour, unique muscle activation system and 2 drinks/accessory holders It's important to understand which muscle groups are gaining the most benefit during your work-out. On our treadmills, you will be using your glutes (bottom), hamstring (back of your thigh), quad (thigh), calf, and pecs and arm muscles. The LED's lights will activate in two degrees of engagement: Amber represents medium involvement, and Red, full or heavy involvement. Use this quick reference to challenge yourself during your work-out.

6 X19 5Mm

Ecore Speed & Agility Turf; used as show flooring
This turf features an extremely durable, textured, mono-filament nylon material with a tight nap that results in a high performance product in hunter green.

>6-foot wide roll engineered with a 5mm rubber base layer (3mm +5mm)
>No infill
>Portable (Interlocking Tile)
>Meets specifications for competitive field hockey, lacrosse, and soccer fields
>Indoor Only

Sizes Available

6' x 9' -- $253

6' x 10' --$280

6 x 19' --$533

6' x 30' -- $840  

6X12 12Mm
Ultimate Turf

Ecore Ultimate Turf 6' x 12' - used as show flooring, discounted to $475

This premium Turf product features heavy weight turf construction (mono-filament nylon material) that combines longer length grass blades with the durability of a textured thatch support structure in hunter green. This 81oz turf wear layer is engineered with a 12mm base layer (13mm + 12mm).

> Looks like real grass
> No infill
> Ideal for functional training
> Extremely durable
> Indoor Only

TuffStuff XTP-051 Trainer

The XPT Trainer is the industry's first and only "self-spotting, free-weight training system" allowing vertical, horizontal, diagonal, lateral and rotational bar movement. It effectively combines the desired benefits of free-weights with the safety of machine weights.

Nautilus Recumbent 2
Nautilus NR2000 Recumbent Bike

Sit back, relax and pedal your way to a slimmer, trimmer you. The NR 2000 Recumbent Bike's comfortable seat supports your back, while the innovative Heart Rate Control (HRC) feature automatically adjusts intensity to meet your target heart rate.

•Commercial grade molded seat offers superior comfort
• Low profile design decreases step-over height and unnecessary bulk
• Extra wide, self-leveling foot pedals increase comfort and control
•Smooth, super-quiet V-Force™ magnetic resistance
•High-inertia case flywheel is precision balanced for an improved feel and reduced vibration
•Industrial grade Poly-V drive belt ensures smooth pedal action and is designed to last thousands of miles
•Built-in water bottle holder and reading rack offer added convenience
•Plug-in LED console offers high-resolution 16 x 16 dot-matrix course profile display and a four-window readout

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Ball Rebounder

Commercial Grade Ball Rebounder - floor model discount
Retail: $595, Discounted to $450

The BR Ball Rebounder is adjustable from 30 to 60 degrees in 7 increments, the rebounder provides multiple training options. A urethane tightening mechanism eliminates noise and rattles from the adjustment. Non-skid rubber feet and a weight peg keep it stationary when used on its own and wheels provide portability.

•7 Adjustment angles
•Wheels for portability
•Non-skid feet and weight horn

Odyssey 5 Home Gym with Leg Press

This compact home gym is capable of a very wide variety of different exercises. All movements are perfectly smooth with user-friendly adjustments. This unit comes with the pectoral deck, the press bar that reverses to be a rowing bar, the lat pull down bar, the curl bar which reverses to a press down bar, and the leg curl bar.

200 weight stack

Accessories Included

Trim Line 360
Refurbished TrimLine T360 Treadmill

The Trimline T360 treadmill is a quiet, respectable machine that offers a variety of features including:

•2.7 HP motor
•11 mph max. speed
•12% max. incline
•20" x 57" running area
•8 workout programs
•350 lbs. max. user

Sports Art C50R
SportsArt C50r Recumbent

SportsArt Fitness' highly refined line of recumbent and upright cycles offer premium constration and performance. Thoughtful design and customizable features merge to meet every user's needs.

The C50r features an attractive blue backlit LCD display with oversized water bottle holders and multiple programs.

•Vented seat backs allow better airflow throughout the workout
•Easy On/Easy Off Access low-profile shrouds and step-through access provide safe access
•Comfortable padded seat with bolstered lumbar support
•Adjustable pedal straps
•Unique step-through design allows easy access
•Oversized water bottle holder

Life Fitness X5
Life Fitness x5 Elliptical

Pre-Owned Life Fitness x5 Elliptical
•Moving Arm Technology Moving
•Buttons on Moving Arms
•Drive System Rear Drive (Belt/Alternator)
•Workout Programs
•Power Requirements Standard AC Plug-in
•Machine Length 82"
•Machine Width 27"
•Machine Height 62"
•Machine Weight 250 lbs
•Max User Weight 350 lbs

Life Fitness G5
Life Fitness G-5 Home Gym with Bench

The Life Fitness G5 Cable Motion Gym System lets you do it all, from traditional strength training to movement-improvement exercises. Through its Cable Motion technology, optimized pulley zones and removable bench, the G5 allows for an endless range of innovative functional strength exercises in a compact design.

Cybex Recumbent
Cybex 530R Recumbent Bike

Commercial Grade
For those who demand uncompromising performance and results, only the Cybex Cyclone series of cycles will satisfy the need. With three modes of resistance and a resistance range from 15 to 900 watts these cycles are ideal for new users, general fitness and high performance training.

Product Features
+ Modes of operation includes Constant Power, Bike Mode and Speed Controlled (isokinetic).
+ Pedals are extra wide with adjustable straps.
+ Wheels on front for easy rolling.
+ Cybex proprietary design seat features "chimney"-style vented back and bottom shaped to conform to the user.
+ Under display "grab handles" and seat mounted handlebars with contact heart rate grips.
+ Split level with magazine rack and tabs.
+ Water bottle holder and utility tray.

Matrix Upright
Matrix Upright Bike

Commercial Grade

•LED console display with expanded feedback offers intuitive operation
•WiFi connectivity accommodates optional Matrix Asset Management system and Workout Tracking Network
•Compatible with xID single-point user sign-in for a seamless personal experience
•USB port offers charging for most smartphones and tablets
•Intuitive one-hand adjustment fine-tunes seat position
•Race-inspired handles provide a comfortable ride experience
•Step-thru entry for easy access
•Self-powered system provides cost-savings and freedom of placement within facility

Tomahawk Spin
Tomahawk Spin Bike

Belt driven for a smooth, quiet, low-maintenance ride Four large SKF bearings in the oversized bottom bracket for exceptional durability Seat and handlebar with micro-adjustment settings for a personal fit High-gloss platinum finish with stainless steel anti-scratch protection plates and sleek carbon fiber effects Sweat guard to prevent rust and corrosion Dual-sided combi pedals with SPD and large platforms, suitable for both experienced and novice riders.

Proform Treadmill
ProForm 345 Treadmill

·Excellent addition to any home gym
·Non-slip tread belt allows you to take full, natural strides whether walking or jogging
·Displays track speed, pulse, time, distance, calories burned
·Drink holder
·Convenient holder to store keys, headphones, or remote control
·Revolutionary SpaceSaver design folds vertically for storage
·Workout fan
·0-10 MPH QuickSpeed control
·Up to 10 power incline

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​Torque X Rack

Torque Lifting Cage/X Rack heavily discounted from retail price of $1280 to $699!

Includes four 12' upright posts and four 4' cross members

X-Racks are hardcore systems meant for both Functional and Olympic lifting. X-Racks can be used as a cost-effective solution for suspension training, a replacement for Olympic Benches, a small group training system with a variety of stations, or anything you can dream up.

Octane Xr4
Octane xR4 Seated Elliptical

PowerStroke Technology
The defining feature that sets the xRide recumbent elliptical apart from recumbent bikes is Octane's 16" PowerStroke technology. PowerStroke allows for optimal leg extension and power drive, delivering more muscle engagement.
University studies show that xRide users demonstrate 343% more activity in their glutes, produce 22% more mechanical power and burn 23% more calories than when using a recumbent bike at the same exertion level.

Functional Comfort
The xR4 is designed to provide maximum comfort while also yielding an unmatched workout. To accomplish this, the cushioned seat is set at a 45-degree angle to help open the hip flexors and torso for more comfort and less stress on the lower back.
For optimum fit for any size user, the xR4 has 15 seat height positions and 5 seat tilt settings. These multiple seat height and tilt options also enable exercisers to utilize different leverage points for targeted muscular endurance conditioning.

Space Efficiency
Built on a solid, space-efficient platform, the xR4 is significantly shorter and more narrow than other premium ellipticals or recumbent bikes, and it blends seamlessly into any room at home.
The platform doubles as a convenient step-through area, making it safe and easy for any user to get on and off the recumbent elliptical.

Unbeatable Design
Designed with features exclusive to Octane Fitness products, the workout experience on the xR4 is supremely comfortable and effective.
Oversized pedals with soft grip texture provide a variety of foot placements to target muscle groups as you pedal forward or backward. The moving handlebars engage the upper body for greater muscle engagement and caloric expenditure.

Precor Efx
Precor 5.21i Elliptical

The Precor EFX 5.21i elliptical is part of a series that begins with the entry-level EFX 5.17i and is capped by commercial elliptical trainers such as the 5.76i. Each machine in the EFX series, being a Precor, can be expected to provide unsurpassed value in its price class. The EFX 5.21i has a fluid 18" stride, a steep adjustable incline and industry-leading craftsmanship. It does not have movable workout arms.

Compared with other Precors, the EFX 5.21i has a small footprint. It can be moved through standard-sized doorways without requiring disassembly. Still, it's very heavy (more than 200 pounds) and isn't the sort of equipment you'd frequently move from room to room.

Sportsart C530R Recumbent
SportsArt C530R Recumbent

•Patented adjustable mesh seat back with comfortable, breathable mesh provides air flow throughout the workout to keep you cool and comfortable
•Unique step-through design allows easy access
•Lumbar pouch allows for hot or cold packs and supports low back
•Infrared remote control allows you to easily change your resistance during a workout

Cybex Rotery
Cybex Torso Rotation

Meets the demands of all users with it's adjustable stride that enables users to move from 18"-23" with the touch of a button.
Low impact allows you to get the benefits of cardio without wear & tear on your joints.

NATURAL MOVEMENT - Optimal torso training - naturally - is a result of the Cybex top pivot design with a fixed lower body. This allows the head to lead and trains the torso muscles used in activities of daily living. Just as the head turns and body follows in sport, the Eagle Torso Rotation uses a top pivot design to produce optimal training.

FOCUS ON TORSO...ONLY - The dual angled foot pegs and thigh pads provide for multiple stabilization opportunities to ensure it is the torso that is moving and not the hips and legs. It also ensures that spinal alignment is maintained throughout the movement.

KEEPING IT PERSONAL - Every individual is different. With six starting positions provided every 10° in each direction every user can select the starting position that matches their own anatomy

Spirit Xrb55
Sprit XBR55 Recumbent Bike

Remote Handlebar Toggles

Remote Handlebar Toggles for convenient resistance changes without taking your hands off the seat handles.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Contact and wireless heart rate monitoring options make your workouts more effective (chest strap transmitter included).


Adjustable cooling fan and dual speakers with audio jack for comfort and entertainment.

Seat Adjustments

Easy access seat adjustments for fore/aft and reclining backrest positions.

Vision Recumbent 3
Vision R2200 Recumbent

A Vision Fitness R2200 semi-recumbent exercise cycle is programmable. This stable exercise cycle has a heart monitor and various settings for different intensity workouts

Matrix Ultimate Deck
Matrix Ultimate Deck Treadmill

Commercial Treadmill with new belt and new computer board

- Commercial Grade
- Fan
- Heart Rate Sensors
- Programs (manual, rolling hills, fat burn, target heart rate, fitness test, 5k run)
- Max Incline 15%
- Max Speed 12 mph

Cybex Bicep Curl

Brawny . . . with a slim silouette. Sit & Go easy adjustments make strength training as simple as it can be. Fits the space and budget of a wide range of facilities.

Torque Punching Bag Attachment Arm
Torque Punching Bag Attachment Arm

Professionally secure any heavy bag requirement...anywhere...gym, home, school, rec center, health club and more.

*Punching bag not included

Legend Core Spider

Despite looking like an escapee from a 1950's sci-fi flick, this is actually an extremely versatile device for core training. Plop a large balance ball on the platform, set the distance of the footplate, adjust the generously padded ankle rollers and get those abdominals burning!

Wide stance legs with rubber footing keep things as stable as they can be, while semi-circular handles make ingress/egress easy with an additional measure of safety and also serve as anchor points for resistance tubing. Completely adjustable to accommodate all body shapes and sizes, and ease of adjustment is facilitated through wheels mounted at the base of the foot plate assembly.

Fully welded construction features industrial strength pop pins, aluminum diamondplate ball platform, removable ball cradle and a diamondplate foot plate. All pop pin adjustable areas are chrome-plated to minimize scratching and scoring. Very durable and solid as a rock.

Nautilus Bench 2
Nautilus Delux Flat Bench

Bought in 2011 but never used

Nautilus Bench
Nautilus Adjustable Bench

Your basic bench that does it all- Incline, flat and decline

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Nautilus NS700 home gym

This universal gym does it all! Leg press, Chest press, chest fly, real delts, rows, triceps, biceps, leg curl, leg extention, etc. It has 2 weight stacks.

Onnit Accessories
Onnit Fitness Accessories

Preowned Onnit Fitness Accessories in excellent condition

Kettlebells (2 of each available)
4kg $10
8kg $18

Primal Kettlebells
18lb $26 (Retail $42.95) - 2 available
36lb $ 50 (Retail $84.95) - 2 available
54lb $78 (Retail $129.95) - 1 available

40lb Iron man Kettlebell $72 (2 available) (Retail $119.95)

10lb $24 (Retail $39.95)
20lb $42 (Retail $69.95)
30lb $60 (Retail $99.95)
40lb $75 (Retail $124.95)
50lb $90 (Retail $149.95)

Ballistic Medicine Balls
10lb $68 (Retail $112.95)
15lb $75 (Retail $124.95)
20lb $86 (Retail $142.95)

Suspension Rings $85 (Retail $139.95)
Battle Ring Suspension Rope $30
Wrist Wraps $8 each

10lb Weight Vest $114 (Retail $189) like new

00H0H 46 Uwn2 J9 Ai3 600X450
Foldable Rower

New SEC home series rowing machine from Ultimate Fitness, floor model discount: $499
Retail $999


Discontinued kettlebells discounted to $1/lb

Kettlebells available
90lb x 2

Spin Bike
MultiSport Spin Bike

2 available

Hoist Fitness' Lemond RevMaster Pro Spin Bikes

PreOwned Hoist Fitness' Lemond RevMaster Pro Spin Bikes with Triple Link Pedals for $599! Retail Pricing on these bikes is $1299.
Buy a set of 5 or more bikes, take $100 off each bike.
21 bikes available
These are 3 years old and came from a commercial setting. They do have light rusting from high usage but are very clean.

00R0R 3I9 Si Ajq Ctk 600X450
Body Masters Adjustable Incline Bench

This Body Masters Adjustable Incline Bench for sale is a commercial bench that is used by athletes, champions and coaches from around the world for incline presses that provide them with precise fitness results and that gives them the freedom of using the weights based from their muscle ability. It features its adjustable back for changing the angle of the seat that moves when the back pad does and can be adjusted from 40 to 80 degrees.

Inflight Ab Low Back
Inflight Fitness 4 piece strength Set

Set includes hip abduction/adduction, leg curl/extension, Arm curl/ext, and Ab/Back

All four machines are capable of providing you with two exercises in one compact piece of equipment

All are commercial grade, perfect for home gyms, physical therapy clinics, fitness centers, weight rooms and much more!

$500 a piece if bought as a set, $850 for an individual machine
Retail price for this set new is $10,780