The TotalWave is a revolutionary way to work out.  It combines fun with exercise.  It uses near zero impact for the joints. This is a Total Body, cardiovascular, strength and endurance training workout machine.
This machine allows you to ride a board side to side creating a cardio workout without the work.  You are able to perform numerous exercises that exercise all body parts from your feet to you neck.  The TotalWave Fitness exercise machine simulates boards sports while using gravity as resistance (Isokinetic) and it increases as you take longer strides, crunch, pull, push, twist, dependant upon the effort you put into the exercise. The Workout is only limited by your imagination.

Inspired by the spirit and motion of surfing and the board sports, the TotalWave Fitness System delivers a low-impact, whole-body experience both exhilarating and effective. TotalWave feels good and will keep you coming back for more!