Classic Cross Training Package


Classic cross training/lifting package- perfect for your home/garage gym

Package Includes:

230lb Troy® Bumper Plate Set: (10lbx2, 25lbx2, 35lbx2, 45lbx2)

     Our VTX Colored, Solid Rubber Bumper plate with solid steel insert is a high quality, branded bumper plate, engineered to our demanding standards. It routinely outperforms other, more expensive models of its kind, making it the perfect value solution for gym and institutional use. We are so confident in its structural soundness, we offer a 1 year warranty against breakage.

90 day warranty on breakage for 10# plate

2 Troy® Kettlebells: 35lb, 55lb

     Intended to increase strength, agility, endurance and balance, our new black cast iron kettlebells will give you a total body workout. With new dual markings for both lb and KG the new VTX Matte Black kettlebell will be a favorite for everyone. 


     The Ab Mat® is a simple yet unique core trainer that offers lower-back comfort and support during ab exercises. The contoured shape promotes safe lumbar extension, placing the abdominal muscles on a slight pre-stretch, which in turn promotes maximal abdominal activation. The curved body bolster is also a perfect complement to a mat routine, elevating the body off the floor during crunches, curls, situps, side bends and back extensions. High-quality memory foam covered in durable vinyl with a non-skid base. Lightweight, portable and easy to store.

SPRI Speed Rope

     The Short-Handle Speed Rope will boost cardio, improve stamina and increase quickness. Streamlined and built for speed, this high-performance coated jump rope uses smaller handles for quicker wrist whip and rope spin, making it perfect for double unders. Flexible and kink-free, the durable, smooth-moving vinyl rope is designed for minimal friction and maximum speed.

SPRI Wood Ring Set

     The Wood Ring Set increases upper-body muscle stamina, power and stability. Multi-laminated, hardwood rings are great for performing muscle-ups, L-sits, pull ups, dips, pushups and more. Includes two 15 foot, 1 inch wide nylon straps with safe and secure quick-release buckles. Attaches quickly and easily to a weight rack or any secure overhead object. Includes a downloadable exercise guide.

Troy® 15lb Slam Ball

      Also available in 10,15,20,25,30,35,45 and 50lb sizes. The VTX slam ball is encased in a tough rubber shell that is equipped with an easy to grip surface.  The VTX slam ball will add a new dimension to your workout.

Troy® 7' Olympic Style Bar - Black

     Our best economy 7’ black Olympic bar is the one we include in all our weight sets and is a staple of retail dealers nationwide. A larger 31mm stress-proof steel bar shaft makes it stronger than most other bars in its class and a great addition to any home workout. Estimated max weight capacity of 600lbs.

Troy® EZ 2" Spring Collar

     Olympic chrome EZ-on Collars securely hold Olympic plates on all 2” bars.