Lifeline Adjustable Pullup Revolution


The Lifeline Adjustable Pullup Revolution® assists you in pull up efficiency so that you can use your own weight as resistance in movements or exercises to improve endurance and overall strength. Benefits of assistance include the ability to sustain proper form throughout more pullup reps, and an increased number of repetitions as well. Results include better tone, flexibiity, and strength.


  • Three 16" resistance cables (R6 resistance level)
  • One foot stirrup with cable pocket
  • One bar attachment hook with webbing strap and cable pocket
  • Height adjustable strap lock
  • Up to 100lbs of adjusted power assistance
  • Cables can be added or subtracted to vary assistance
  • One DVD

Cable Pockets
Lifeline`s patented cable pockets are designed to fit snuggly with cable plugs to allow you to use different cables with the same handle!