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For over 25 years, Better Body Fitness has delivered the Inland Northwest with the a wide variety of fitness equipment for your home or business. Working hard to connect with our customers face to face. 

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The Exercise Cure

Sedentary, Western lifestyles have lead to a higher incidence in heart disease and this shows that it's modifiable. It's reversible. Doctors are really good at treating patients who have had cardiovascular events, but they can be prevented. We're meant to walk, run, and exercise. It's all about getting up and moving.

There actually is no ceiling for the benefit of exercise. There's no age limit that doesn't benefit from being physically fit.

Workout #1 – Strength Training to build/maintain essential muscle.

You may be thinking ‘Do I really need to do strength training at ages 40 to 80?’. The answer is a big YES!

It is important to replace and or maintain muscle mass as you age through regular exercise to help to prevent weakness, fatigue, reduced ability to perform activities of daily living.

Workout #2 – Low Impact, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to increase your metabolism and burn fat fast.

For men and women in your 40’s thru 80’s, low impact HIIT should be your main formal workout for fat burning. The last thing you need to be doing now is box jumps and burpees. Keep it simple and keep it low impact.

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